We send all products directly from Germany/Erzgebirge-Mountains! In the case of supply into Non - European Union countries the German VAT at a value of 19% out-counts automatically. Thus forwarding expenses minimize themselves enormously. The value added tax is taken off according to the indication of the calculation and/or ship-to-address. Forwarding expenses depend on the weight and the mode of conveyance.

Transport into the USA takes about 14 days by air freight, over sea route about 3 months. But we cannot affect the transportation time of the transport enterprise. They receive the possibility of entering a ship-to-address deviating from the bill-to-address. So you can arrange that e.g. to presenting is supplied directly by us. As soon as you start the order process, arrive into a safe range. The so-called SSL (secure sockets more layer ) is used. Thus your confidential information is secured, like credit card number and bank account before strange hearing. You can pay with your credit card. We accept Mastercard, Visacard and American Express.